I’m the wife of an amazing husband, my Mr. HHF (hot, handsome farmer). He doesn’t really like to cook on his own, but he doesn’t mind helping me when I’m cooking.

My two year old, Joel, eats more than both my husband and I put together…but he’s a picky eater, so if he rates a recipe a 10/10, you know it has to be yummy (either that or it’s pure sugar).

My 5 month old, Selah, is mostly just nursing now, but she’s very sensitive to dairy, which means I haven’t been able to eat any dairy for 5 months. (No ice cream, no cheese, no butter, no milk chocolate, NOTHING.) I’ve had to be creative with most recipes to make them dairy free.

I love Asian food and Mr. HHF loves Mexican, so you will be seeing a lot of those recipes from us 🙂

I never (I repeat, NEVER) follow a recipe exactly how it is written, but I try to always explain what I did differently with a recipe. I also never measure anything, but if I write a post about a recipe, I will measure my ingredients (just for you guys…I’m so nice). I get bored of recipes very quickly, so I’m always looking for new ones!

I do the rest of my blogging here: Under the Apple Tree

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